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Build community – not risk – when you host third-party events

Build community – not risk – when you host third-party events

Without proper safeguards, your school could be responsible for injuries and property damage during community events, from election day voting in the gym to local teams playing sports on school fields. Here’s how you can protect your school’s employees, property, financial well-being and reputation:

Create documents that set you up for success.

  • Set clear guidelines for acceptable groups and activities. Don’t allow pyrotechnics, animals, or other potentially hazardous situations.
  • Create a written agreement to document the parties, activities, dates, times, locations/resources used, and restrictions for each event. Have your legal counsel to review the agreement before you start to use it with vendors.
  • Develop hold harmless agreements with your legal counsel to add extra protection and transfer risk to the party using your facility.

Develop a checklist before each event.

  • Have the outside party sign the school’s written agreement.
  • File a copy of the outside party’s insurance policy or certificate.
  • Have the outside party hire security for events with a large number of attendees.
  • Make sure the school business office has approved the event.
  • Have your custodial or maintenance staff inspect and secure event areas. Keep records of your preparations.

Take additional precautions during and after each event.

  • Have a school representative present.
  • Limit access to areas not in use with barriers or locked doors.
  • Have custodial or maintenance staff inspect event areas after use. Keep records of inspections and the condition of your facilities.

Proof of insurance may not be enough.

Take extra precautions with your third party’s insurance. Make sure:

  • The outside party’s insurer is in good standing with independent insurance credit rating agencies.
  • Your school is named as an additional insured party.
  • Coverages include (but aren’t limited to) workers compensation, general liability, product liability, commercial auto, umbrella and other coverages specific to the event, such as professional liability and law enforcement coverage.
  • Policy limits are equal to or greater than your school’s limits.
  • You are notified if the policy will expire or is cancelled within 30 days of the scheduled event.

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