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Workers compensation

Bringing empathy to workplace injuries

Employees are the driving force behind a company’s success. And for that very reason, creating a safe work environment is paramount for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Even with this focus, disabling workplace injuries still cost U.S. businesses more than a billion dollars a week . In addition to the significant financial impact, the absence of valued employees suffering from injuries or illnesses can also negatively affect so much more, including company morale, business relationships, and brand reputation.

With more than a century of experience, we can provide the support and resources to help companies improve safety, protect employees, and control workers compensation costs.

A protective partnership 

Solutions for complex risks

When workplace injuries happen, workers compensation (WC) insurance provides important protection for businesses and employees, including:

  • Lost wages and medical treatment resulting from an employee’s work-related injury or illness
  • Services to help an employee recover and return to work

Our teams take a collaborative approach and deliver holistic strategies to address your WC challenges. Count on us to:

  • Help identify work site hazards
  • Recommend practices to help reduce the risk of accidents
  • Resolve claims efficiently and fairly
  • Support injured workers during their recovery

What sets us apart is our focus on connection and clarity – with our customers and their employees. From start to finish, we ensure injured workers feel supported and empowered to heal, while employers remain confident and informed at every step.

Expertise that delivers

With more than a century of experience managing WC programs, our expertise runs deep. You’ll benefit from knowledgeable underwriters and risk control professionals with a robust understanding of the WC landscape and claim types across industries. We also leverage dedicated claims specialists who are empowered to advocate for injured workers and achieve better outcomes.

And we continue to build on our expertise through:

  • Identifying the leading causes of workplace injuries and their direct costs through the Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index
  • Developing risk control guidance and materials, available online and via telephone, to help create safer workplaces and mitigate the risk of employee injuries
  • Engaging in academic and business partnerships to develop innovative workplace safety solutions, including safety helmets, wearable technology, and exoskeletons
  • Staying on top of trends that drive WC claims costs, from inexperienced workers and motor vehicle accidents to comorbidities and prescription drug costs

We combine this expertise with a customer-centric service approach that keeps your risk-management goals top of mind.

Better control over claims

We strongly believe that producing better experiences leads to better claims outcomes. Our claims management approach focuses on guiding employees and employers through the treatment and recovery process, ensuring maximum support with minimal business interruption. We do this through:

  • Claims specialists who are segmented by area of expertise – by industry, claim type, or injury type – ensuring the right people manage the right claims
  • In-house teams – including medical directors, nurse case managers, and special investigators — to help provide actionable advice
  • An extensive network of medical management resources, such as medical provider networks, vocational rehabilitation, and pharmacy benefits
  • Access to our secure customer portal, which provides 24/7 access to claims reporting, progress, and documentation

Count on us to support your valued employees and help you manage claims costs.

Advocating for injured workers

At the core of every claim, there’s a person, and that’s why injured worker advocacy is at the heart of our program. By leading with empathy, we empower injured workers to focus on their recovery — and returning to work — as quickly and as safely as possible.

To help improve the employee experience, we also offer the following tools and services:

  • SmartVideo communications, delivered via email, which provide injured workers with clear, personalized communications throughout their recovery
  • Access to claims information via a secure injured worker portal
  • Remote delivery of healthcare services via telemedicine and telerehabilitation services, when appropriate

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Workers compensation assigned risk

For businesses unable to secure workers compensation coverage in the traditional marketplace, our assigned risk insurance solutions can help.

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