Sharing economy & new mobility

More flexibility, evolving risks

Mobility itself is on the move. Today, privately owned vehicles aren’t the only way that people and goods move around. In fact, they share the road with a variety of other modes of transportation, including: ride hailing, on-demand delivery, auto subscription, vehicle sharing, micromobility, and autonomous vehicles.

But when vehicles are shared and technology is evolving, where are the risks, threats, and liabilities? How are claims addressed and resolved?

To fulfill its potential, new mobility needs an equally agile and flexible insurance carrier along for the ride. By working with an insurer that knows the lay of the land — down to every twist, turn, and potential pothole — new mobility providers can not only create superior products and services, but better position themselves for growth further along the road.

Liberty Mutual Mobility Solutions on autonomous vehicles

David Blessing, SVP & Co-Lead of Liberty Mutual Mobility Solutions, discusses some potential use cases and advantages of autonomous vehicles in the platform economy, and the insurance implications.

Top trends in the new mobility & sharing economy

David Blessing, SVP & Co-Lead of Liberty Mutual Mobility Solutions, discusses the top trends affecting the new mobility & sharing economy space. 

Liberty Mutual Mobility Solutions addresses liability shift

Nick Grant, SVP & Co-Lead of Liberty Mutual Mobility Solutions discusses liability changes in the new mobility space that can create coverage changes.

Liberty Mutual’s dedication to the new mobility industry

In the emerging new mobility sector, where vehicles are shared and technology is evolving, new mobility needs an equally agile, flexible and dynamic insurance carrier along for the ride. Hear from David Blessing, SVP & Co-Lead, Liberty Mutual Mobility Solutions, on how our dedicated teams and expansive appetite can help your business grow with us.

Liberty Mutual Mobility Solutions: What are some use cases of telematics?

Nick Grant, SVP & Co-Lead of Liberty Mutual Mobility Solutions, discusses some use cases and advantages of telematics in the platform economy, and how Liberty Mutual is leveraging the vast amount of data that can be collected from telematics and used based insurance (UBI).

A shared partnership

Innovative solutions for new risks

Our dedicated Sharing Economy & New Mobility practice offers custom coverages, regulatory expertise, pricing options, and claims experience to manage the complexity of this emerging market effectively. Our areas of focus include:

  • Ride hail and on-demand delivery
  • Vehicle sharing
  • Subscription auto use
  • Autonomous vehicles

With a healthy appetite for the new mobility space, we can build customized solutions and offer flexible financial programs with multiple collateral options.

And every solution is backed by our financial strength, security, and capacity as a Fortune 100 company.

Industry-leading expertise

As a leader in new mobility, we have the expertise and tailored solutions to help businesses grow with confidence in an industry moving at light speed.

We combine the depth of a world-recognized, Fortune 100 brand with ground-level shared mobility experience to solve for the whole ecosystem through:

  • Insurance solutions that help make your products more desirable and easier to consume
  • Flexible partnerships that help you benefit from our design, execution, and marketing expertise
  • A dedicated team of industry experts that understands the business pressures and requirements unique to shared mobility for responsive underwriting, product development, and claims handling
  • Claims handling that navigates complex liabilities, helps our customers manage their claims exposures, and keeps their operations running
  • Industry and business partnerships to help foster collaboration, promote public education, and define safety standards within the autonomous vehicle sector

A scalable approach

Whether it’s at the “proof of concept” stage or “market conquest,” we help prepare our customers for the entire product journey with a consistent, stable, and flexible insurance foundation backed by:

  • Regulatory intelligence. We can help navigate the complex jurisdictional and compliance landscape, so customers can move into new and emerging markets quickly.
  • Custom coverages. We have insurance products and capabilities for shared mobility — auto, excess, captives, surplus, and more.
  • Data and pricing sophistication. By leveraging our extensive data, customers can find the price points that balance risks and opportunities to drive profitability.
  • Dynamic risk control. We can recommend practical ways to help manage exposures, assess at-risk driver profiles, and establish best practices for vehicle operators.
  • Claims expertise. Our dedicated team handles shared mobility claims from beginning to end. We bring together the best of personal and commercial expertise to address claims — from high volumes of auto physical damage to complex liability claims.

Count on us for holistic risk-management strategies to address the needs of the sharing economy and new mobility sector.

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David Blessing

SVP & Co-Lead, Liberty Mutual Mobility Solutions
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Nick Grant

SVP & Co-Lead, Liberty Mutual Mobility Solutions
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