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Storms and natural disasters: Immediate damage is just the start

Storms and natural disasters: Immediate damage is just the start

Auto accidents caused by natural disasters

Business continuity

Disasters damage property, services, and inventory, slowing down operations and affecting businesses’ bottom lines.

Shrinking talent pool due to injured workers

Shrinking talent pool

After severe weather hits, contractors need all the help they can get. When inexperienced or out of practice employees fill the ranks, the likelihood of injuries and related WC claims could increase.

Winter ice storm with power lines down

Leadership due diligence

Directors and officers could be held liable if they fail to prepare for severe weather, much like we saw when historic winter weather left much of Texas without heat or power for a week.

Bacteria and mold adding to property costs.

Mold and environmental claims

Bacteria and mold thrive in wet environments created by floods and power outages, boosting risk for contamination and adding to eradication costs.

Failing infrastructure

Public health and business operations are at risk when water, power, transport, and telecom systems are damaged or destroyed.

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