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Private equity perspectives: insights for private equity firms

Private equity perspectives: insights for private equity firms

Partnering with Liberty Mutual means getting the solutions, support, and service you need, with the responsiveness and expertise your transactions require. Hear from Amy Gross, SVP and Global Private Equity Practice Leader, in the following videos which feature current topics of interest for private equity firms.

Why private equity takes a certain partnership

For private equity firms, it’s important to keep transactions moving ahead. Insurance shouldn’t be a holdup — we get that and work quickly to help you get more deals done.

Solving problems with creative insurance solutions

This video highlights a specific issue that was potentially impacting the valuation of a client’s deal. Hear how key insights into their business resulted in the right solutions at the right time.

Why should firms focus on insurance across their portfolio?

Insurance is a big spend across your portfolio. And without the right programs in place, uncovered losses become your losses. Adequate coverage is essential – but how do you get there, and how does this ultimately add value to your investors?

What’s unique about the private equity perspective?

Firms have a unique experience when it comes to insurance. Coverage protection and prevention measures across their portfolio can pay dividends for private equity investors.

Today’s emerging risks and evolving solutions

Insurance risks are changing. And while firms must understandably focus first on their core business, you need a partner who understands the emerging insurance risks and how to address them.

The importance of cyber protection

Secure and reliable cyber protection is fundamental to nearly every business, but private equity firms have unique issues, challenges, and opportunities when it comes to cyber. We take a look.

Learn more about how Liberty Mutual helps private equity firms manage their unique risk needs.

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