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Private equity solutions: partnerships for long-term success

Private equity solutions: partnerships for long-term success

When the unexpected happens, private equity firms need a partner they can rely on. Partnering with Liberty Mutual ensures that top-tier solutions, support, and service are built into every relationship. In the following videos, hear Amy Gross, our Global Private Equity Practice Leader, and Alexander Ackermann, North America Private Equity Practice Leader at Marsh, discuss how the power of partnership supports long-term success for private equity firms.

Why is it important for firms to pay attention to insurance?

Insurance is a tool that helps a private equity firm’s business progress with confidence. Hear how the appropriate coverages not only help protect a business’s assets, but also allow it to proceed and grow like it should.

The importance of a carrier holistically looking at a PE firm’s portfolio of risk

Big-picture thinking is crucial to private equity firms — including in their approach to insurance. Liberty Mutual’s holistic approach to risk, understanding of the broader scope of the relationship, and ability to act swiftly keeps PE firms moving forward.

The value of a strong relationship between firms and insurance carriers

What does partnership with private equity firms mean to us? It’s not just about knowing our clients; it’s also about understanding how they want to grow and collaborating on how we can support their vision of success.

How to get ahead of key risks for private equity firms

A shifting insurance industry landscape requires experienced partners. What risks are on the horizon for private equity firms, and how are we building proactive, creative responses?

Impact of economic uncertainty in the private equity space

Economic volatility affects everyone, which is why private equity firms rely on us to help identify and mitigate emerging risks, leaving them better prepared to weather uncertain economic times.

To learn more about how Liberty partners with brokers and private equity firms for long-term success, visit our private equity page.

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