Contract transactional bonds

For small bonds – fast, quick application

Our Surety Plus Contract Xpress and XPress+ programs are geared towards clients who need small or occasional bonds quickly while having the personal touch of an assigned underwriter for this line of business.

  • Ideal for credit-based bonds up to $750K
  • Credit-based – so no financial statements required
  • Apply now – our average response time is only 2 business hours
  • Covers programs between $750K single and $3M in single or aggregate cost-to-complete, or $1.5M in single or aggregate bonded-only programs
  • Financial statements are required, but do not need to be CPA-prepared
  • We can consider personal financials to support the accounts needs
  • We offer a full range of rate opportunities and flexibility in single/aggregate program limits
  • Apply today – our average response time is only 4 business hours

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