Storage tank liability

Managing storage tank challenges

Pollutant releases from commercial storage tanks are among the most complex risks a business can face – with potentially debilitating financial tolls.

Our storage tank liability policy helps cover first- and third-party liability resulting from releases from underground and above-ground tanks.

Learn more about the unique characteristics of Liberty Mutual Environmental storage tank policy.

A protective partnership

Solutions for complex risks

Storage tank owners and operators with these hard-to-place environmental risks will benefit from our broad appetite for commercial tanks of various ages and construction types. Our solutions can also cover:

  • First-party discovery corrective action and cleanup costs
  • Third-party bodily injury and property damage, including natural resource damages and medical monitoring
  • Optional third-party blanket transportation and blanket waste disposal

Expertise that delivers

With one of the most experienced teams in the industry, we’ve built storage tank solutions as part of a finely tuned suite of environmental insurance products.

This offering and our in-house knowledge-sharing are hallmarks of our cross-functional team approach. Customers benefit from close collaboration and shared expertise among our underwriting and claims professionals.

We leverage our deep understanding of storage tank risks across every touchpoint, from when a policy is issued until after a claim is resolved, to address your specific risk-management needs.

Better control over claims

When an environmental incident occurs, a prompt response is important. When you need fast action, our claims team is ready to provide a responsive and efficient service experience.

Supported by the underwriters that design our insurance programs, our claims professionals have a deep understanding of environmental risks and our customers’ specific operations.

This insight is backed by seasoned senior claims leaders, ongoing training, and a culture that promotes proactive decision making, so our professionals are empowered to resolve claims quickly and with each customer’s best interests in mind.

Our environmental customers also benefit from the following support and value-added services:

  • 24/7 emergency claims response hotline (1-888-292-0249)
  • Rapid on-site response via our Liberty Mutual Enviro Response mobile app
  • Crisis management and public relations services
  • Contract review services
  • Regulatory compliance assistance
  • Risk mitigation consultation

Count on us to help manage complex environmental losses, minimize potential liability, and protect your company’s business and brand.

Get in touch

Our commercial and specialty insurance products and services are distributed through brokers and agents. If you are interested in our solutions for your business, please contact your agent or broker. If you are an agent or broker, please reach out to our team for more information.

Storage tank submissions

When environmental incidents occur, a prompt response is important.

With Liberty Mutual Enviro Response, our mobile app, environmental customers benefit from real-time access to claims professionals and resources at the push of a button.


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