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Environmental solutions for the wholesale market

Site pollution, contractor legalities, emergency cleanups, and more can create costly environmental liability claims for businesses. Our environmental liability solutions from Ironshore for the wholesale market can help protect companies against the adverse financial impacts of environmental incidents and liabilities.

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  • Site Pollution and Contractors Environmental

    Environmental issues can arise during any project, leaving owners, contractors, and developers vulnerable to claims of legal liability. This can create financial hardship and derail a project’s success. Our Site Pollution and Contractors Environmental (SPACE) solution helps protect against complex environmental exposures that can threaten a project.

    Coverage highlights:

    • Claims-made site pollution coverage with or without retroactive date
    • Occurrence contractors pollution, transportation, and waste disposal
    • Coverage for image restoration, disinfection event, and pre-claim event expenses
    • Defense outside the limit of insurance
    • Emergency response expenses without a sublimit
    • Transportation including illicit abandonment beyond the boundaries of a covered property
  • Environmental protection insurance coverage package

     Our environmental protection insurance coverage (EPIC) policy from Ironshore provides businesses with comprehensive protection for general liability, environmental liability, and more — in a single package.

    Coverage highlights:

    • Worldwide coverage for pollution incidents arising out of your products, your work, non-owned locations, and transportation (regardless of where claim or suit is brought)
    • Guaranteed cost general liability coverage
      • Emergency response expense at the full policy limits
      • Pollution liability during transportation
      • Products pollution liability standard in every policy
    • Blanket non-owned disposal site coverage
  • Contractors environmental legal liability

    Environmental issues can arise during any project, leaving contractors vulnerable to claims of legal liability. Even in favorable circumstances, this can create financial hardship and derail a project’s success. Our Contractors Environmental Legal Liability (CELL) solution helps protect contractors against complex environmental exposures that can threaten a contractor’s bottom line and reputation.

    Coverage highlights:

    • Limits up to $50M
    • Built-in coverage enhancements, including image restoration, disinfection event, and pre-claim event expenses
    • Blanket covered operations for your work
    • Blanket pollution liability during transportation (including first- and third-party transporters and misdelivery)
    • Blanket coverage for non-owned locations
    • Ability to schedule owned locations for pollution liability coverage on a time-element basis
    • Defense expenses outside the limit of insurance, subject to the deductible
    • Blanket additional insured on a primary and non-contributory basis subject to a written contract
    • Electromagnetic fields, mold matter, and Legionella pneumophila included in the definition of pollutants
    • Silt and sedimentation included in the definition of pollution incident
    • Project and wrap policies available with up to 10 years of completed operations coverage
  • Site Pollution Incident Legal Liability Select

    Our Site Pollution Incident Legal Liability Select (SPILLS) coverage from Ironshore helps protect businesses against third-party bodily injury and property damage claims because of a variety of environmental risks.

    Coverage highlights:

    • Limits up to $50M
    • Broad definition of pollutants, including mold, Legionella pneumophila, electromagnetic fields, radioactive materials, and medical, infectious, and pathological waste
    • First- and third-party on-site and off-site remediation of pollutants
    • Third-party bodily injury and property damage including natural resource damage
    • Pre-existing and new conditions
    • Emergency response expenses
    • First- and third-party blanket transportation coverage
    • Blanket waste disposal activities coverage
    • Business interruption coverage
  • Storage tank liability

    Our storage tank liability policy from Ironshore helps cover first- and third-party liability resulting from releases from commercial underground and aboveground tanks.

    Coverage highlights:

    • Limits: $500K to $10M
    • Broad appetite for underground and aboveground storage tanks of different ages and construction
    • Fines and penalties included
    • First-party discovery corrective action and cleanup costs during policy period or applicable extended reporting period
    • Third-party bodily injury and property damage, including natural resource damages and medical monitoring costs
    • Optional coverages available, including third-party blanket transportation and blanket waste disposal activities
    • Online portal available to quote and bind quickly and easily
    • Policy and financial certificates available online at bind
  • Environmental excess

    Our follow-form environmental excess solutions from Ironshore offer protection over primary policies for casualty, pollution legal liability, contractors pollution liability, and more.

    Coverage highlights:

    • Limits up to $50M
    • Supported and unsupported excess available. For unsupported, underlying carrier must have an A- or better rating.
    • Covered primary policies:
      • Contractors pollution
      • Fixed-site pollution legal liability
      • EPIC, auto liability, and employer’s liability
      • General liability, pollution liability, and environmental professional liability

Our claims response

Our claims professionals work closely with our environmental underwriters and have an in-depth understanding of environmental risks and our customers’ specific operations, projects, and insurance programs. We offer:

  • 24/7 emergency claims response hotline (1-888-292-0249)
  • Rapid on-site response via our IronResponse™ mobile app
  • Crisis management and public relations services
  • Contract review services
  • Regulatory compliance assistance
  • Risk mitigation consultation

Our claims management approach is designed for maximum value and minimum hassle so your clients can quickly respond to environmental incidents and get back on track.

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