Bonds and guarantees in Norway

Local and multinational solutions

Liberty Mutual Surety’s Norway team, formerly House of Guarantees, has been the guarantee provider of many leading businesses in Norway and Sweden since initiation in 2018.

Liberty Mutual Surety is the largest provider of bonds and guarantees worldwide, based on publicly available data. In Norway, surety bonds are underwritten by Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SE, which is rated “A” from Standard & Poor’s.

As a mutual insurance company, we focus our full attention on our customers and agencies. It is essential for us to take into consideration the environment and the specific needs of each client to provide innovative solutions to the problems our clients face in projects around the world.

Our in-depth knowledge of the market and our understanding of your business make us proud. This is what allows us to provide superior service and build long-term relationships.

Specialized surety services

Liberty Mutual Surety offers a wide range of warranty products and currently has more than 450 customers in various industries in Norway. Thanks to our broad issuance capabilities and our responsiveness, we respond effectively to the guarantee needs of local and multinational companies. In Norway we provide:

  • Housing guarantees
  • Builder’s guarantees
  • Tax deduction guarantees
  • Contractor’s guarantees
  • Rental guarantees
  • Customs guarantees
  • Payment guarantees
  • Performance guarantees
  • Advance payment guarantees
  • Warranty guarantees
  • Permit guarantees
  • Decommissioning guarantees

For more information on these products, download this brochure.

Liberty Mutual’s surety operations in Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, and Latin America are handled by multilingual local underwriters with in-depth knowledge of local contexts and practices. In addition to Norway, within Europe Liberty Mutual Surety has offices in

  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • The Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom

Liberty Mutual Surety also has many fronting partners, enabling local expertise and the ability to provide clients with bonds and guarantees in more than 60 countries, including Denmark, Finland and the Faroe Islands.

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Oil and gas
  • Defense
  • Naval construction
  • Telecommunication
  • Transportation
  • Renewables
  • Fish farming

Automated Guarantee System (AGS) is an automatic guarantee system available to brokers, agents and direct customers. We simplify the process of underwriting and issuing guarantees by letting the customer manage the process themselves.

  1. Customer requests guarantees using AGS.
  2. Customer receives non-binding offer with a price within seconds which can be accepted or rejected
  3. AGS automatically generates all necessary documents, including the invoice.
  4. Customer verifies the guarantee without direct involvement from Liberty Mutual.
  5. At any time, we have people who are available to provide you with any manual assistance if that is preferable or necessary through the AGS process

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For more information on these products, download this brochure.


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Key contacts

Photo of Daniel Unstad

Daniel Unstad

Head of Surety

Oslo, Norway

Photo of Marius Harsjøen

Marius Harsjøen

Senior Surety Underwriter – Manager

Oslo, Norway

Photo of Anders Lovisenberg

Anders Lovisenberg

Senior Surety Underwriter

Oslo, Norway

Stephanie Geer

Regional Vice President, EMEA Claims

Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SE, Norwegian Branch, located at Rådhusgata 23, 0158 Oslo with Registration Number 932 545 985.  A branch of Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SE, Registered Office: 5-7 rue Leon Laval, 3372 Leudelange, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.  Authorized and regulated by the Luxembourg Commissariat aux Assurances (CAA) Registration Number B232280. Complaints can be sent directly to our branch office in Norway as well as to