Our team of guarantee specialists

Our teams in the Netherlands consist of relationship managers, who are supported by account managers and administrative staff.

Guarantee Operations

Photo of Linda van Riebec

Linda van Riebec

Global Service Center Consultant EMEA


Photo of Stefan Sander

Stefan Sander

Senior Surety Underwriter
Photo of Theo Wouda

Theo Wouda

Senior Surety Underwriter
Photo of Ruben Verburg

Ruben Verburg

Senior Surety Underwriter
Photo of Amanda Groen

Amanda Groen

Surety Underwriter

Capital Goods

Photo of Robin de Haan

Robin de Haan

Senior Surety Underwriter
Photo of Ton Mulder

Ton Mulder

Senior Surety Underwriter

Transport & Logistics and WGA

Photo of Masha Kuijper

Masha Kuijper

Surety Underwriting Manager
Photo of Marc Vader

Marc Vader

Senior Surety Underwriter
Photo of Eric Hoogerwerf

Eric Hoogerwerf

Senior Surety Underwriter
Photo of Joost de Moor

Joost de Moor

Senior Surety Underwriter
Photo of Danny van Starkenburg

Danny van Starkenburg

Surety Underwriter


Stephanie Geer

Regional Vice President, EMEA Claims

Liberty Mutual Surety Europe B.V. with a trade name of Liberty Mutual Surety, is a Dutch company with a registered office in Gustav Mahlerlaan 348, Amsterdam, 1082ME, Netherland and registered with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce 75108186, as an insurance intermediary operating as an insurance agent on behalf of Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SE.  Liberty Mutual Surety Europe B.V. is registered number 12046759 and can be checked by visiting the AFM website at www.afm.nl.  Advice is provided only to the extent that information is provided about the primary insurer’s products and related benefits and conditions. In the event of disagreement about insurance intermediation, a complaint can be sent directly to  (Liberty Mutual Surety Europe B.V. –  Gijs-Jan.Geerlings@libertymutual.com) or at the above address.