The specialist for guarantees in the Netherlands

Our Liberty Mutual Surety Netherlands team specializes in offering guarantees for every kind of company and beneficiary.

Our clients are well-known with robust finances — the guarantee requirements from their core activities generally exceed EUR 500,000.

When you work with our surety specialists you’ll benefit from:

  • Fast, personalized, and expert processing of applications
  • Guarantees that do not tie up capital
  • Guarantee applications that can be filed and reviewed 24/7

Learn more about our guarantees in the Netherlands.

  • Construction and capital goods

    The construction and capital goods industries work with a wide variety of bonds, guaranteeing project execution and the supply of merchandise. We offer:

    • Bid bonds
    • Tender guarantees
    • Performance bonds
    • Delivery bonds
    • Deposit guarantees
    • Prepayment bonds
    • Maintenance bonds
  • Transport and logistics

    Customs bonds
    Dutch and European Union (EU) legislation often requires freight companies, forwarding agents, customs agents, companies with excise warehouses, and businesses generally involved in import and export to post guarantees.

    These are guarantees related to the deferred payment of VAT and excise duty at the moment of importation (monthly payments), drawing up community documents, exemption from customs duties, storage of goods in a customs warehouse and in an excise warehouse, and seaport dues.

    EU guarantees
    The EU runs refund programs that are payable when agricultural products are exported to non-EU countries. In the Netherlands various commodity boards run these programs. Guarantees are required when refunds are made in advance. The reverse also happens when agricultural products are imported.

  • WGA

    Each spring and fall, Dutch companies face the choice of how to deal with their WGA disability risk: participate in the public insurance system or buy private insurance.

    Thanks to Liberty Mutual Surety there is a third way to deal with WGA risk: true self-retention. You know where you stand, and the benefits of a sound prevention policy will be completely yours.

    Large employers who no longer want to participate in the public system or buy private insurance against disability of their employees can now take full responsibility for WIA disability payments and the cost of reintegration services to their staff. Many employers prefer to take these expenses for their own account rather than pay a premium to the public insurance system or to a private insurer because there are no additional fees and charges, which brings down the expense.

    If companies have a low disability rate because of a sound prevention program or because of the makeup of their employee population, they have even more reason to self-insure, because neither the premium rates of the public system nor those of private insurers do full justice to an individual company’s positive deviation from sector averages.

    The only condition for self-insurance is that an employer provides a guarantee to the Dutch tax office from a financial institution that will take over the employer’s payment obligations in case the employer can no longer continue them.

    Liberty Mutual Surety is prepared to issue such guarantees for companies who meet our financial stability conditions, enabling them to become truly self-insured.

    Each July 1 and January 1, an employer can elect to self-insure. You must file your request with the Tax Authority at least 13 weeks in advance (before April 1 or October 1) and include a guarantee with your request. The only prerequisite is that your company has at least 250 employees or a payroll of at least € 10 million so that future disability inflow can be reliably estimated.

  • Other guarantees

    Liberty Mutual Surety also issues other guarantees, including:

    • Fiscal representation (limited and in general)
    • Cross-border waste transport guarantees (EVOA)
    • ICE future guarantees (for the storage of coffee and cocoa)
    • Liability for underground storage and process guarantees


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